torsdag, december 28, 2006


Bara så att ni vet vad jag är för en typ egentligen saxar jag här lite fakta från Faerie Folk:

"Gitto: [Ghee-toes] They originated in Wales and are also called Griffith and Griffin; both of which are popular Welsh surnames. Also spelled Gryphon and Geetoe. Their element is air. Gittos have the heads of horses and the bodies of goats, but they have human speech and laughter. Though they have no wings, they can fly for short distances. They do not like people. They are active all year, but most common at harvest time. They like to blight crops and claim for themselves all crops left in the feild after sundown on Samhain. they have an intensely malevont nature and would love to harm humans if given the opportunity They are found in feilds after sundown between Samhian and Bealtaine. Contact is not advised."

Fast mitt smeknamn har jag fått av en helt annan anledning, men det är en annan historia.

2 kommentarer:

MrArboc sa...

Hästansikte och getkropp? Kärleken är blind sägs det ju... :-)

Jessica sa...

... they do not like people ... they have an intensely malevolent nature..."
Får mig att anta att det nog är mer korrekt att anta att den andra varianten av hur du fick ditt smeknamn ;).